To make Hulk Wiki get more exposure and vibrance, as well as make it a more professional looking wiki, here are some goals I think we should have.

  • By New Years, we should try to get to 300 articles, which means 85 more. Whenever you see a chance to write an article on something which hasn't been written on yet, and is relevane to the Hulk, and you have atleast a semi-understanding of the material, then start an article if you want to. However always make sure the article your writing is new, and is not a duplicate of another. Also when you create articles, if you can import a picture, or you think an infobox would help, then add one if you can. It seems to make an article look more professional.
  • Post links to Hulk Wiki, on relevant articles on other Wiki's. In order to get more members/viewers try to post a link to Hulk Wiki at the bottom of relevant articles on Wikipedia or Database Marvel Database
  • For every episode of the Incredible Hulk TV-series, many active users have created/edited an article for each episode of TV show, especially the unamed user, in fact he may have created the article for every single TV episode, very good work on his part.