The Lost Village

Lord Scimitar

7 of season 2
Ron Myrick
Ann Knapp & Doug Sloan
Original airdate
November 16, 1997
Tibet; Himalayas; Anavrin
Preceded by
Followed by

The Lost Village is episode seven in season two of the animated TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on November 16, 1997 on UPN.


Ninjas gang up on an old Chinese man, which Green Hulk isn't happy about. The man shows his gratitude by giving him his special medallion. Amazingly, it gives Bruce full control of his transformations. The medallion came from the hidden Anavrin valley in Tibet – prompting a new journey for Bruce, Betty and She-Hulk. That place may be the key to ending Bruce's days as the Hulk for good. Unfortunately, they aren't the only ones searching for Anavrin. The deadly Scimitar and his team also seek to possess Anavrin's secrets, and they aren't ones to show restraint.




  • The village's name, Anavrin, is Nirvana spelled backwards. Nirvana means 'state of bliss'.


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