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"Mr. McGee don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." —Dr. David Banner (tagline for the series)

The Incredible Hulk was a live-action science-fiction drama that ran on CBS from 1978 to 1982. It was created by Kenneth Johnson. The series was preceded by a pair of two-hour made-for-TV movies starting in November 1977. After the cancellation of the series, three television movies aired on NBC (1988, 1989 and 1990).

Premise Edit

The story originates when Dr. David Banner and his wife Laura are riding in their car when a tire blows out. The car rolls over. David gets thrown out, but his wife does not. He tries to save her by lifting the car to get her out, but he can't. Later, he interviews people and finds a woman who had exactly the same thing happen to her, except that she got her son out of the car. Banner gets angry that others could save their loved ones, but he couldn't save his. He figures out that high levels of gamma radiation from sunspots, along with the emotional stress experienced in these situations, are the reason why these people were able to find the physical strength to save those they love. He decides to test his theory by using the lab equipment to subject himself to a concentrated dose of gamma radiation. Unknown to him, the equipment had been upgraded, causing him to administer a far higher dose than he had intended. This causes him, when he becomes angry and enraged, to metamorphose into the Hulk. Reporter Jack McGee keeps trying to hunt down the Hulk—thinking that the creature killed Banner and his associate, Dr. Elaina Marks. Meanwhile, David tries to find a cure for the Hulk.

Opening narration: "Dr. David Banner: physician, scientist; searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have. Then an accidental overdose of gamma radiation alters his body chemistry. And now when David Banner grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs...The creature is driven by rage and pursued by an investigative reporter. The creature is wanted for a murder he didn't commit. David Banner is believed to be dead and he must let the world think that he is dead until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him."

Main actors/characters Edit

  • Ted Cassidy: voice of the Hulk (and opening narration) in seasons 1 & 2
  • Charles Napier: partial voice of the Hulk in seasons 3–5 (uncredited)

Episodes Edit


Season one Edit

  1. The Incredible Hulk (pilot)
  2. Death in the Family (a.k.a. The Return of The Incredible Hulk)
  3. Final Round
  4. The Beast Within
  5. Of Guilt Models And Murder
  6. Terror In Times Square
  7. 747
  8. The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas
  9. Never Give A Trucker An Even Break
  10. Life And Death
  11. Earthquakes Happen
  12. The Waterfront Story

Season two Edit

  1. Married
  2. The Antowuk Horror
  3. Ricky
  4. Rainbows End
  5. A Child In Need
  6. Another Path
  7. Alice In Disco Land
  8. Killer Instinct
  9. Stop The Presses
  10. Escape From Los Santos
  11. Wildfire
  12. A Solitary Place
  13. Like A Brother
  14. The Haunted
  15. Mystery Man (Part 1)
  16. Mystery Man (Part 2)
  17. The Disciple
  18. No Escape
  19. Kindred Spirits
  20. The Confession
  21. The Quiet Room
  22. Vendetta Road

Season three Edit

  1. Metamorphosis
  2. Blind Rage
  3. Brain Child
  4. The Slam
  5. My Favorite Magician
  6. Jake
  7. Behind The Wheel
  8. Homecoming
  9. The Snare
  10. Babalao
  11. Captive Night
  12. Broken Image
  13. Proof Positive
  14. Sideshow
  15. Long Run Home
  16. Falling Angels
  17. The Lottery
  18. The Psychic
  19. Rock And A Hard Place
  20. Deathmask
  21. Equinox
  22. Nine Hours
  23. On The Line
Incredible Hulk S4

Season four Edit

  1. Prometheus (Part 1)
  2. Prometheus (Part 2)
  3. Free Fall
  4. Dark Side
  5. Deep Shock
  6. Bring Me the Head of the Hulk
  7. Fast Lane
  8. Goodbye, Eddie Cain
  9. King of the Beach
  10. Wax Museum
  11. East Winds
  12. The First (Part 1)
  13. The First (Part 2)
  14. The Harder They Fall
  15. Interview With The Hulk
  16. Half Nelson
  17. Danny
  18. Patterns

Season five Edit

  1. The Phenom
  2. Two Godmothers
  3. Veteran
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Triangle
  6. Slaves
  7. A Minor Problem

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