The First (Part 2)

Frye creature h6

13 of season 4
Frank Orsatti
Andrew Schneider
Original airdate
March 13, 1981
David Barr
Preceded by
Followed by


David's attempt at a cure is hindered when Del Frye exposes himself to Gamma radiation to re-awaken his own Hulk. When he discovers the metamorphosis has also cured his chronic health problems, Frye begins to abuse his power to exact revenge on others who have treated him badly in the past, eventually resulting in murder. David must perfect the cure and heal both himself and Frye before more carnage occurs.




A powerful performance from Bixby when Frye's Hulk destroys the last remaining sample of the serum that would have cured both Banner and Frye.

The memorable final battle between the two Hulks in the laboratory.

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