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The First (Part 1)


12 of season 4
Frank Orsatti
Andrew Schneider
Original airdate
March 6, 1981
David Barr
Vissaria (fictional)
Preceded by
Followed by


David goes to a town called Vissaria after hearing that another Hulk was sighted there many years earlier. He finds the lab where the creature originated, and a man who claims to have been the 'first' Hulk.


  • Bill Bixby ... David Banner
  • Lou Ferrigno ... The Hulk
  • Harry Townes ... Dell Frye
  • Lola Albright ... Elizabeth Collins
  • Bill Beyers ... Case
  • Chip Frye ... Willie
  • Billy Green Bush ... Sheriff Carl Decker
  • Kari Michaelson ... Linda
  • Jack Magee ... Walt
  • Julie Marine ... Cheryl
  • Hank Rolike ... Janitor
  • Dick Durock ... Frye's Creature


Dirk Durock ("The Swamp Thing") is very eerie as the evil Hulk and the showdown between the creatures is one of the series highlights. Bixby gives a terrific performance in this episode. It has some nice subtle homages to the 1930s monster movies that Universal Pictures created (See trivia section).

This two-part episode is notable in that it is the only episode in the entire series run in which the antagonist is another super-powered character.


  • The deceased scientist Dr. Jeffrey Clive is a reference to movie actor Colin Clive, who played Dr. Frankenstein in the Frankenstein movies from the 1930s
  • Dell Frye, the name of Dr. Clive's assistant, is a reference to movie actor Dwight Frye, who played Dr. Frankenstein's assistant Fritz in Frankenstein (1931)
  • The fictional town of Vissaria is also the name of the village in the Frankenstein movies (though spelled with only one 's')

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