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The Creature and the Cavegirl

Hulk in Love

7 of season 1
Martin Pasko
Original airdate
October 30, 1982
Preceded by
Followed by

Banner hopes to use a newly invented Time Projector to travel back in time and prevent himself from becoming the Hulk. But the Hulk accidentally causes the entire visiting party, including Rick, Betty, Maj. Talbot and General Ross to travel a million years back in time.



  • Michael Bell ... Bruce Banner (voice)
  • Susan Blu ... Rita (voice)
  • Roberto Cruz ... Rio (voice)
  • Hamilton Camp ... Dr. Brandon Jones (voice)
  • Elliot Field ... Nagira (voice)
  • Victora Carroll ... Umeela (voice)
  • Pat Fraley ... Major Talbot / High School Film Clubmember (voice)
  • Bob Holt ... The Hulk (voice)
  • Michael Horton ... Rick Jones (voice)
  • Robert Ridgely ... General Ross (voice)
  • B.J. Ward ... Betty Ross (voice)
  • Stan Lee ... Narrator (voice)


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