The Avengers


Directed by
Produced by
Kevin Feige
Screenplay by
Joss Whedon
Story by
Zach Penn and Joss Whedon
Hulk portrayed by
Release date
May 4, 2012 (United States)
$220 Million
Box office

The Avengers is a 2012 superhero film produced by Marvel Studios based on the Marvel Comics superhero team made up of Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, and of course the Incredible Hulk.


As Loki, Thor's brother, gathers an army to invade the Earth, an unlikely gang of heroes are forced to put their differences aside to defend earth from domination. 


Dr. Bruce Banner (played by Mark Ruffalo) transforms into the Hulk twice in the film. The first time he transforms, the film purposefully alludes to the television series. When Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk, his head is on the ground, and from his haircut/clothes it almost looks as if he is Dr. David Banner. The transformation occurs very similarly to the television transformation. However once he becomes the Hulk, the creature does not act like the Ferrigno hulk. The creature goes on a destructive rampage, and is not stopped until Thor defeats him. The fight between Thor and the Hulk is an allusion to their confrontation in The Incredible Hulk Returns

The fight between Hulk and Thor in The Incredible Hulk Returns

The second time, Banner transforms into the Hulk, is unorthodox, as he is able to trigger the change. This time, all the Avengers are gathered, and a giant ship approaches Banner. On cue, Banner transforms into the Hulk, saying his trick is that he's "always angry." 


Instead of just CGI, in this new version of the Hulk, the actor playing Banner also portrayed the Hulk with the use of Avatar-style stop-action, stop-motion capture. The growling voice was a mixture of Lou Ferrigno and others (uncredited), but the Hulk's actual speaking lines were done by Ruffalo.

Related MediaEdit

The Avenger Movie Hulk-Out with TV Hulk Sounds & Music-000:55

The Avenger Movie Hulk-Out with TV Hulk Sounds & Music-0

The first Hulk out, with the film's noises replaced with TV series's noises to demonstrate the similarity

The Avengers - Hulk - "I`m always angry" HD-101:28

The Avengers - Hulk - "I`m always angry" HD-1

Banner's second metamorphosis

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