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1 of season 4
Kenneth Johnson
Original airdate
7 November 1980
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Dr. David Banner finds a blind girl, named Katie, in the forest. As they become acquainted, a meteor hits the ground nearby. David investigates what had fallen from the sky, and, pained by emanations from the meteor, he metamorphoses into the Hulk—who then touches the meteor. Later, when he returns to Katie's cabin, he changes back—but only half-way between the creature and Banner. David can talk, but his voice is deep, and Katie can feel the muscles under his torn clothing. But when he once again becomes the Hulk, a military organization code-named "Prometheus" thinks he came from outer space and captures him.


  • Bill Bixby ... David Banner
  • Jack Colvin ... Jack McGee
  • Lou Ferrigno ... The Hulk
  • Laurie Prange ... Katie Maxwell
  • Roger Robinson ... Capt. Welsh
  • John O'Connell ... Col. Harry Appling
  • Stack Pierce ... Sergeant
  • Jill Choder ... Lieutenant
  • Chip Johnson ... Pilot
  • Lew Palter ... Storekeeper
  • Ric Drasin ... Half-Transformed Hulk (uncredited)
  • George Orrison ... Extra (uncredited)


A great story line and an impressive production with sharp special effects and lots of excitement.


  • Some footage from the beginning of this episode, set at the lake in Utah, came from the 1974 movie "The Parallax View"
  • Laurie Prange also guest starred in "Death in the Family"


Prometheus, Part 1 (The Incredible Hulk)48:19

Prometheus, Part 1 (The Incredible Hulk)

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