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King Of The Beach


9 of season 4
Barry Crane
Karen Harris
Original airdate
February 6, 1981
David Beller
Preceded by
Followed by


David takes a job in a restaurant where he meets and befriends Carl Molino, a hearing-impaired bodybuilder with big dreams and aspirations of owning his own restaurant. Mandy, a young scam artist who is in trouble with the local hoods, is amazed by Carl's muscles and encourages him to enter The King of the Beach Bodybuilding contest to use him to make money. But Carl has no interest in competition since he already has enough trouble being seen as a muscle-headed dummy as it is and wants to be respected for his cooking. Mandy repeatedly tries to convince Carl to compete, But The local hoods who back the current champ King, nab David when they come looking for Mandy. David turns into the Hulk and he sends them running. When Mandy tells Carl he could use the prize money to get his own restaurant, Carl agrees and with Mandy and David's help, starts training with intensity to get ready for the contest. This involves getting his muscles to proper definition and posing correctly. Mandy, amazed by his muscles and good heart, finds herself genuinely falling for Carl and really wants to see him prove himself a champion. By the time of the Contest, Carl is in peak physical condition for the contest and is clearly superior to King. Though he still lacks a lot of confidence. King's goons attempt to sabotage him several times. But words of encouragement and his friendship with David boosts his morale.

On the day of the Contest, Carl practices flexing backstage in front of a mirror and when he's called out, David and Mandy wish him luck. While Carl is flexing on stage, Wowing the crowd and becoming an instant favorite, The thugs make a last attempt at David and Mandy. David turns into the Hulk and sends them running. Hulk brings the unconscious Mandy to Carl who has just won and places her in his arms. When Mandy wakes up and learns Carl has won, Carl celebrates by Flexing for his new girlfriend. Carl uses his prize money to buy his own restaurant. David congratulates him and parts ways with him and Mandy.


  • Bill Bixby ... David Banner
  • Lou Ferrigno ... The Hulk / Carl Molino
  • Leslie Ackerman ... Mandy
  • Charlie Brill ... Solly Diamond
  • George Caldwell ... Rudy
  • Carol Swarbick ... Annette
  • Leo DeLyon ... Trainer
  • James Emery ... Steve
  • Nora Boland ... The Lady
  • Angela Lee ... Little Girl
  • Ken Waller ... King
  • Kimberly Johnson ... King's Girlfriend


Lou Ferrigno makes this episode worthwhile in his dual roles as the Hulk and the young body-builder.


This is the third of three episodes where Bixby and Ferrigno appear on screen together. The others were in: "Married" and "Metamorphosis."

As you are watching the show, you will hear Bill Bixby telling the audience that this is the first time that Lou Ferrigno talks, albeit in as a different character, instead of the Hulk.


"You ought to try it some time, David. Work on those muscles. You'd look great all pumped up." —Carl

"I really apreciate your friendship, but you still can't know what it's like to be a freak." —Carl (to David)

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