Kindred Spirits


19 of season 2
Joseph Pevney
Karen Harris, Jill Sherman Donner
Original airdate
April 6, 1979
David Barton
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Kindred Spirits is episode thirty-one of the live-action TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on April 6, 1979 on CBS.


David discovers that an archaeological dig on a sacred Native American burial ground has uncovered evidence which suggests that a man thousands of years ago endured the same metamorphosis that transforms David into the Hulk. When David joins the dig in order to investigate further, a young researcher, Dr. Gabrielle White, recognizes him as the Dr. David Banner who guest-lectured at her university and who inspired her to achieve her degree and become a scientist. Together, they study the cave painting, the bones, and the plant remnants at the site, all of which lend promise to a possible cure for the Hulk. At the same time, David finds himself in the middle of a battle with Native Americans, on whose land the site is located. (Chief Dan George, as Grandfather, gives a beautiful monologue about the oneness of mankind and how the prehistoric Hulk, being green, proves that people, under the skin, are all the same.)


  • Bill Bixby as David Banner
  • Jack Colvin as Jack McGee
  • Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk / Prehistoric Hulk
  • Kim Cattrall as Dr. Gabrielle White
  • A Martinez as Rick
  • Whit Bissell as Prof. Williams
  • Eloy Casados as Frank
  • Don Shanks as Little Jim
  • Chief Dan George as Lone Wolf
  • Melvin F. Allen as Security Guard
  • Brian Pevney as Reporter
  • George Gonzales as Michael


  • Hulk out 1: Buried in a mine cave-in.
    2-30 Kindred Spirits

    Ending Sequence

  • Hulk out 2: Locked in a museum display while his friends are beat up by Native Americans
  • Contains the often used scene of the Hulk running away down the lighted alleyway.


This is the first time a character recognizes David Banner and confirms that he is indeed still alive.