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Jenifer Connelly as Betty RossEdit

Jenifer Connelly is 42 years and is a famous, beutiful actress that played the roll of Betty Ross in marvel's  "Hulk" 2003. since 1983, she's been known for many films including Hulk 2003. she will perhaps be known in  "Hulk 2" witch will be realsed in a unknown year. Jenifer Connelly was a good apperence compared to Liv Tyler. Jenifer Connelly says that it was hard pafroming in Hulk. it contained hights, weird things, and more. every time Hulk saw Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly) he turned down to Banner. Jenifer Connelly is a good actress that hopefully will live till 100.

Hulk on StageEdit

The Hulk hasn't been that popular since Hulk 2003. over the past years, we've seen him in theaters only three times. "Hulk" was known for Jenifer Connelly most of all. she, was known well after that film. "Hulk" also contained Eric Banna, a fine actor. finally, Hulk returned in Marvel's sequel  "the Incredible Hulk"  Jennifer Connelly was not known in that one, for Betty Ross was greatly performed by Liv Tyler. Hulk was a better known marvel hero by then. 2008 was a good time for that to happen. Hulk was even more famous when Mark Raffulo came along, in Marvel's  "The Avengers" in 2012. Hulk had changed even more then, but he was still the same smashing, raging monster. big and green.

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