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Incredible hulk

The hulk transformation in the TV series.

The transformations of the Hulk are mostly in movies and television series.

Transformations in TV series Edit

In the TV series The Incredible Hulk, when David Banner's eyes turn greenish-white (see photo), the back of his shirt rips with a long, narrow rip along his back, and his pants and shoes are also ripped. Then when the transformation is done, the Hulk takes off the ripped shirt.

Transformation in Hulk film (2003) Edit

Here are the transformations and what happens:

Transformation 1:Edit

Bruce trips over a bucket, as he stumbles down the hallway. He continues to stumble down the hallway using the wall for support after growing frustration. His eyes begin to turn green and he starts to scream. His watch then pops off and stumbles onto the opposite wall. His back pants pocket rips, and his wallet falls out landing by his left shoe. Bruce's feet begin to grow wider and stretch his shoes and then they enlarge in length, tearing the shoe and lower pants and exposing his toes. He then stomps his right overgrown foot on the ground and his ankles widen. He tries to walk while his entire body is growing and his torso becomes so large that he tears his shirt and turns into the hulk.

Transformation 2:Edit

  1. Bruce Banner turns green, his head widens a little bit, his muscles begin growing also.
  2. His shirt sleeves rip off.
  3. His shirt rips off as his pants rip off. By then, you can see his underwear.
  4. A minute later he gets out of the house and continues to transform. He gets bigger, and his socks rip off.
  5. Hulk transformation xvid00:22

    Hulk transformation xvid

    The Transformation

Similar Transformations Edit

On a TV commercial, there is a scene of a man transforming into a hulk-like creature. It is a little bit identical to the first transformation in the Hulk film (2003). He starts out looking in the mirror, and after a few seconds, his head and eyes start turning green. Then he starts screaming. His watch pops off as his arms turn green and get big. He runs into his living room, then his body gets really big and green and his shirt rips off. Then his feet and legs get really big and green. Then his shoes rip off, then his pants rip off, and you can see he has turned into a big, naked hulk-like monster.

In a Tylenol commercial, a man on a computer starts transforming into the Hulk as the spokesperson narrates. He destroys his computer and keyboard.

In a Fruitella commercial, a man in an office makes a similar transformation to the one in the 1970s show, but he turns red, then he goes to the middle of the office and roars.

In the 1980's TV show The Young Ones, there is one episode where Neil gets angry at the fact that no one likes him. At that point, he, you guessed it, turns into the hulk and beats everyone up. By the next few seconds he is normal again.

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