Deep Shock
5 of season 4
Reza Badiyi
Ruel Fischmann
Original airdate
December 12, 1980
David Benton
Preceded by
Followed by

Dark Side is episode five in season four of the live-action TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on December 12, 1980 on CBS.


David rescues a co-worker at the power plant. The power of the Hulk saves his life, but the Hulk is electrocuted. His vision becomes blurry, and the Hulk falls, becoming unconscious. awakens to find himself with the ability to see into the future. One of his visions includes David's worst nightmare: a murder seemingly committed by the Hulk.


  • Bill Bixby ... David Banner
  • Jack Colvin ... Jack McGee
  • Lou Ferrigno ... The Hulk
  • Tom Clancy ... Edgar Tucker
  • Edward Power ... Frank
  • Sharon Acker ... Dr. Louise Olson
  • Stefan Gierasch ... Mr. Buchanan
  • Robert Hackman ... Walt
  • M.P Murphy ... 1st Security Officer
  • Helen Boll ... Nurse
  • Harriet Matthey ... Receptionist
  • Saundra Sharp ... Reporter
  • Charles Hoyes ... 2nd Security Officer
  • Robert Alan Brown ... Foreman


Edward Power previously appeared in season one episode "747."

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