Death in the Family


2 of season 1
Alan J. Levi
Original airdate
November 27, 1977
David Benton
Preceded by
Followed by

Death in the Family is episode two of the live-action TV series The Incredible Hulk. In syndication it is shown in two parts, but was originally aired before the series began—as a two-hour movie entitled "The Return of The Incredible Hulk."


With the world believing that he was killed in the lab fire which also claimed the life of Elaina Marks, David goes on the run, in an effort to avoid reporter Jack McGee and the authorities. While attempting to access some sophisticated hospital equipment which may hold the key to a cure for his transformations, David stumbles across a plot to murder a young, crippled heiress. Can he keep her from harm and himself from getting discovered by McGee?



  • The Hulk slugs it out with a bear.
  • The Hulk drinks alcohol, but doesn't like it.


  • The bear knocked the wig off of Lou Ferrigno's head, licked off his makeup, and caused a number of other production difficulties
  • This is the first of four appearances in the series for Gerald McRaney, and the first of two for Laurie Prange


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