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Captive Night
11 of season 3
Frank Orsatti
Sam Egan
Original airdate
December 21, 1979
David Bishop
Preceded by
Followed by

Captive Night is episode eleven in season three of the live-action TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on December 21, 1979 on CBS.


While working in a department store, David is taken hostage when the store is robbed late at night.


  • Bill Bixby ... David Banner
  • Lou Ferrigno ... The Hulk
  • Paul Picerni ... Jim
  • Stanley Kamel ... Gary
  • Parley Baer ... Raymond Harmell
  • Dennis Holahan ... Mr. Edwards
  • Anne Lockhart ... Karen Mitchell
  • Mark Lenard ... Mr. Slater


  • Some funny sequences of the Incredible Hulk wandering through the store departments like a giant child.


Captive Night (The Incredible Hulk)48:35

Captive Night (The Incredible Hulk)

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