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The following are canceled movies that were planned, featuring the Hulk.

The Resurrection of the Incredible HulkEdit

The Resurrection of the Incredible Hulk was a planned sequel to The Death of the Incredible Hulk TV movie, set to feature the Hulk being brought back to life having Banner's mind. The film was set to include She-Hulk. As of July 10, 1990, a script was being written. Following Bill Bixby's health decline, the script was put on hold, and eventually canceled after Bixby's death.

Untitled The Resurrection of the Incredible Hulk sequelEdit

The film was set to include Iron Man. It was canceled after Bixby's death.

The Hulk 2Edit

A sequel to Hulk (2003 film) was planned to include the Abomination. The sequel was eventually scrapped, and a reboot was made instead (Incredible Hulk (2008 film).

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